We can provide services 1:1 or in a group format in person or virtually. Our services entail some of the following:

Occupational Therapy & Wellness (OT Wellness) offers a wide variety of personal and professional enhancement services. We understand that every individual (or group of individuals) has potential. This potential is the ability to perform better, more efficiently, and with more internal satisfaction. We aim to help you achieve your goals and realize your very highest, perhaps untapped, potential.

- Creating approaches to facilitate goal setting and achievement.

- Monitoring progress towards established and agreed upon functional goals, whether career-oriented or personal in nature.

- Teaching and mentoring in the functional skills and strategies necessary for goal attainment, self-motivation, self-monitoring, self-regulation, time management, and behavioral modification.

- Maintaining communication on a regular and routine, supportive basis.

- Writing detailed guidelines or strategies/exercises that will facilitate alleviating life and/or work-related daily stressors appropriate for age and stage of life.

- Other such supportive, functionally and success facilitating, mentorship-related exercises, tasks, activities, and/or sessions not explicitly mentioned above, but that are therapeutic and success-enhancing in nature.